Empowering Municipal Sustainability

Make it easier than ever to manage your EV fleet efficiently for a greener tomorrow.

Revolutionize Your Municipal Fleet with UFODRIVE

Embrace the future of fleet management with UFOFLEET. Optimize operations, improve user experience, and foster a greener community.

Automated Management

Simplify energy management and automate sustainability reporting, rom vehicle maintenance to usage tracking.

Seamless Reservations

Automate and streamline your reservation system, making it more efficient and user-friendly. Spend less time on manual processes and more on serving your community.

Keyless Convenience

Forget about physical keys and switch to our secure, keyless access system. Enhance user experience and operational efficiency, all while improving vehicle security.

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Transform Your Fleet Today

Adopt UFOFLEET's cutting-edge solutions to enhance your fleet's operational efficiency, from integrated charging connectivity to secure, keyless access, and advanced Geotab integration.

Connected Efficiency
Maximize fleet performance with Geotab and telematics connectivity.
Effortless Entry
Keyless access that simplifies operations and enhances security.
Self-Service Ease
Enable swift, user-friendly reservations with our self-service app.

EV Implementation

Simplify the process of incorporating electric vehicles into your fleet, optimizing sustainability and efficiency.

Keyless Freedom

Eliminate the hassle of managing keys and bookings, enabling smoother operations and happier users.

Connected Automation

Seamlessly manage your fleet with a connected car platform, providing real-time insights and control at your fingertips.


Enjoy effortless, keyless vehicle entry.


Manage EV charging schedules efficiently.


Simplify reservations with an easy-to-use booking calendar.


Control your fleet seamlessly with the operator app.

Elevate Your Municipal Fleet

Embrace sustainability while boosting efficiency and saving money. Take the first step towards a smarter, greener city today.

Enhanced Experience

Empower your EV drivers with a self-service experience that is intuitive, streamlined, and enjoyable.

Maximized Utilization

Take your fleet operations to the next level by maximizing vehicle usage and efficiency with our smart technology.

Cost-effective Charging

Lower your operational costs with our optimized charging solutions designed for municipal fleets.

Implement, track, and report on your EV fleets with integrated connectivity via GEOTAB and other telematic partners​