Electric vehicles are here. Why are we still using spreadsheets?

Charging stations, energy consumption, analytics and live-tracking — Electric Vehicles have created a new set of fleet management challenges. Mobility makes it easy.

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You deserve a better way of running your electric vehicle fleet

Forget spreadsheets. They're slow, frustrating, completely chaotic, and incapable of managing an electric vehicle fleet.

You have zero visibility in vehicle status and location

You need reassurance that everything is running smoothly, from charge percentage, location, and other important specs — all the time.

Spreadsheets don't show battery status and charging stations

It's important to monitor battery charge and to provide your drivers with easy access to charging stations when they begin to run low.

Too much back and forth between the team

Sending spreadsheets to each other wastes time and creates human-error with potential file duplicates.

Spreadsheet data entry is tedious

Manually inputting vehicle usage stats like battery charge and mileage is inefficient and uses resources that should be used elsewhere.

The all-in-one fleet management software for electric vehicles


Gain full visibility into your fleet with real-time journeys

Keep tabs on every vehicle currently in use — from location, routes, battery charge and more. Automatically reroute GPS's to the nearest charge station when a vehicle is running low.

Automatic GPS routing

Automatic journey reports

Remote vehicle control


Automate your fleet operations with confidence

Make it easy to run your fleet. You’ll be able to launch your electric fleet in minutes, manage its operations in less time, and maximise fleet utilisation using Artificial Intelligence and automation.

Automated EV fleet manager

AI-driven scheduling

Real-time reporting


Free up your support team with self-service bookings

Hands-off bookings are just the beginning. Our E2E rental app empowers your employees or customers by letting them choose the vehicles they need, and when they need it — taking the manual work off your team’s hands.

Automatic booking and retrieval

Real-time reporting

Where your entire fleet's operations come together

Real-time 24/7 GPS

Your entire electric fleet will show up in our live GPS view — so you always know where each car is and how it's running.

Know your operational costs

Uncover cost-saving opportunities like underutilised vehicles or wear and tear by identifying trends and insights in your operational spendings.

AI-powered driver assignment

Mobility unlocks your fleet's potential by looking at many data signals to choose which assets should be scheduled to who and when.

GPS routing to 100,000+ European charging stations

Reroute any vehicles GPS to the closest charging station in Mobility's charging network.

Monitor KPIs in real-time

Use our pre-made dashboards, or quickly make your own so you can monitor and analyse them in real-time, or on a retroactive basis.

E2E Customer rental interface

Empower your customers or employees to schedule the asset or vehicle of their choosing through our mobile app.

Remote vehicle management

Lock and unlock your vehicles, redirect GPS’s, and turn their motor on or off from your dashboard.

Understand driving behaviour
with Journey Reports

Analyse the journeys of each driver, look at which charging stations they use, roads they take and more to better understand how to service your drivers better.

Choose the better way of managing electric vehicle fleets today

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